Aubrey Murphy

Student Spotlight

This student is featured for exemplary work during experiential education.

Aubrey Murphy

The preceptor had this to say about Aubrey:

APPE Rotation at AdventHealth Orlando

“I would like to recognize Aubrey Murphy for her superb contributions to our COVID intensive care unit.  She was a huge asset to our team, worked exceptionally with our nurses, assisted in codes and overall provided an overwhelmingly positive light during a difficult time.  She was able to quickly learn and apply her core ICU foundations to our patients making exceptional interventions to the multidisciplinary team.”

What was your favorite part of this rotation?

“My favorite part of this rotation was seeing how valuable pharmacists’ contributions are to the inter-professional care team. Being surrounded by such knowledgeable, patient-centered mentors in the ICU definitely set the standard for how I want to practice in the future.”

What advice do you have for pharmacy students preparing for rotations?

“My advice is actually to know as little as possible about a rotation before starting! I know it is tempting to ask other students about their experience, but everyone is different and keeping an open mind can really help you learn about yourself and your interests.”

What are your plans after graduation?

“I will be applying to residency programs this Fall, and in the future I would like to specialize in a clinical setting somewhere outside of Florida (where I have lived my whole life), and eventually move into industry as a key opinion leader.”

What is a fun fact about you?

“I never traveled much as a kid so now mI am obsessed with all things Jeopardy!, which inspired me to compete in QuizBowl throughout high school and college. I recently finished Alex Trebek’s autobiography, and I record the episodes to watch every evening during my downtime.”