Lisa Rogan

Baptist MD Anderson/Baptist Medical Center

Lisa Rogan, Pharm.D., BCOP

Lisa Rogan

The student had this to say about Dr. Rogan:

“Dr. Rogan is a wonderful leader who is dedicated to serving the pharmacy profession. She is the picture perfect example of a role model for a student and I am very thankful to have learned under Dr. Rogan. Time and time again she has gone above and beyond to really listen to the student and provide numerous learning opportunities each day. Another reason Dr. Rogan should be recognized is her ability to provide beneficial feedback to the student quickly, and in a meaningful way. I have learned so much under Dr. Rogan and she has been a shining light throughout learning during a pandemic.”

About Dr. Rogan

Baptist MD Anderson is the outpatient cancer for Baptist Health. We have a 9 story building with the infusion center and associated infusion pharmacy on the 9th floor. We have a specialty Walgreens on the 2nd floor. Pharmacists are interspersed in the clinics which include medical oncology seeing solid tumors, neuro-oncology, hematology seeing our benign and blood cancer patients, breast cancer, and gynecology clinics. Pharmacy also serves our surgical and radiation oncologists.

What is your or your sites philosophy on educating students and/or providing pharmacy services?
We tell students to take advantage of opportunities as they come. There are so many aspects of the role pharmacy can play at our site and we try to make those opportunities happen for them. We also very much appreciate when students take initiative to make opportunities happen. We have a lot of patient interactions and our site is a good place to work on their education skills whether it be patients or our pharmacy, nursing, or other clinic staff.

What is a fun fact about you or the site?
I have worked both inpatient and outpatient and have been around since the days of deciphering physician handwriting.