PharmAcademic is an integrated software system from the McCreadie Group which allows the college of pharmacy to manage experiential training, scheduling, assessments, courses and curricular outcomes. This data is then available for students in PharmPortfolio, an e-portfolio which can be used to support outcome-based learning.


To log in you will use your email address as your userID. If you are already a user of their system because you work with another school or residency program that uses their interface then your password would still be the same. If you have not used the system before or you have forgotten your password, you will have a default password that you will need to change. To find this out you will need click on “Forgot Password” to have your password emailed to you. Once you have it you can log in and change it to something you can remember.

Internet Explorer is the preferred browser for PharmAcademic on the PC platform, and Mac platform users should use Mozilla Firefox. Firefox is a free download, available at