Scott Turner

Student Spotlight

This student is featured for exemplary work during experiential education.

Scott Turner

The preceptor had this to say about Scott:

APPE Rotation at UF Health Jacksonville

“Scott played a huge role in this recent COVID-19 surge. Just to name some of the few things he helped with; drawing up vaccines for our clinics, refilling Omni cells, taking up STAT medications, and yet he still did not fall behind with his projects, and other usual responsibilities we have our students complete. Scott displayed a positive attitude every single day he was here. Today was his last day here and we miss him already. Thank you for sending us Scott during his APPE rotation!”

What was your favorite part of this rotation?

“My favorite part of this rotation was getting to work and build relationships with all the different members of the pharmacy department. From the techs to the pharmacists, to administration, I really enjoyed seeing the different roles and responsibilities of the pharmacy staff and how everyone works to keep the pharmacy running every day. I also had the pleasure of seeing and helping the pharmacy department navigate a surge in COVID-19 cases during August which was an invaluable learning experience.”

What advice do you have for pharmacy students preparing for rotations?

“My best piece of advice for students preparing for rotations is to show up every day with a positive outlook and set a goal to learn something new each day of your rotation. I think these are two simple things that go a long way with the people you interact with during your rotations and will make you a better pharmacist when you graduate.”

What are your plans after graduation?

“My plan after graduation currently is to complete a PGY-1 residency with the goal of completing a PGY-2 in emergency medicine or critical care. There are a few areas of pharmacy that I still would like to learn more about so I will be keeping an open mind during my post-graduation journey.”

What is a fun fact about you?

“I never traveled much as a kid so now my goal is to tIn my free time I like to watch documentaries and movies. One movie I will never get tired of watching is Belly.”