Preparing for Rotations

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College of Pharmacy Pre-Clinical Rotation Requirements

Students must complete the following requirements before beginning rotations. Students can locate the information by going to the “My Schedule” tab and then clicking on the name of the rotation in the “Schedule Item” column. Students are required to check for this information at least 60 days prior to the start of the rotation in order to have enough time to complete the requirements. Failure to complete the pre-clinical and site-specific requirements will result in grade deduction, possible cancellation of the rotation and delayed graduation.

MMR (Measles, Mumps, Rubella) – Positive Titer or 2 Dose VaccineUpon Admission
Hepatitis B – Positive Titer or Three Dose VaccineUpon Admission
Meningococcal – Waiver or VaccineUpon Admission
Varicella – Positive Titer or 2 Dose VaccineUpon Admission
Tdap (Tetanus, Diphtheria, and Acellular Pertussis) – one doseUpon Admission
Td Booster (Tetanus, Diphtheria) – one dose due every 10 years from last Tdap or TdMust never expire
CPR Card: Basic Life Support Training (classroom participation is required) (2-year expiration)Must never expire
Flu Shot*Fall
Copy of Internship License 
TB Screening (PPD, chest x-ray, blood test)*Annually
Criminal Background CheckUpon Admission/Updated as required by site
Annual Certifications: UF Health Confidentiality & Security Agreement*Annually
Annual Certifications: Sexual Harassment*Annually
Annual Certification: Blood Borne Pathogens Training*Annually
Annual Certifications: HIPAA*Annually
Annual Certifications: FERPA*Annually
Physical Exam (1 year expiration)*Must never expire
Two Step PPD*Only if required by site
Fingerprinting for Extended Criminal Background CheckOnly if required by site
Employment VerificationOnly if required by site
Drug ScreeningOnly if required by site
Blood Alcohol ScreeningOnly if required by site

*Annual certifications will be required once a year as indicated above.  The Office of Experiential Programs will send an announcement to notify students when to begin the re-certification process.

Site-Specific Requirements

Some sites have additional requirements above and beyond those required by the College. This can include a more extensive background check, a blood alcohol screening, a 2-step PPD, or others. Site-specific requirements are either detailed in PharmAcademic or will be provided by the site. Students are expected to make arrangements to complete site-specific requirements at least 30 days before the start of the rotation.

If unclear or the student cannot find any site-specific requirements provided on PharmAcademic, students are required to ask about site-specific requirements during the first contact with the preceptor 6 weeks prior to start date, as outlined in the sample e-mail. Students should email the Compliance Coordinator at with any questions or concerns.


All employees, faculty, preceptors, and students of the University of Florida College of Pharmacy are required to complete both HIPAA & Privacy and FERPA training upon admission/hire and annually thereafter. Students’ completion of both annual training sessions is incorporated into the pre-clinical ­requirements prior to beginning the rotation cycle.

Additional information on HIPAA and FERPA training at the University of Florida can be found at the following link:

Contacting the Preceptor

Students must contact the preceptor at least 6 weeks prior to the start of their rotation. Additionally, if the student will be at the VA or Government facilities, the student should check in PharmAcademic at least 10 weeks prior to the rotation in order to begin submission of additional site-specific requirements. Students may be required to have a hard copy record of all the pre-rotation requirements ready to be presented. Some students have found it convenient to download their documents and save to an encrypted flash, or thumb drive.

Student CV Instructions

Each University of Florida APPE student is required to create and maintain an up-to-date Curriculum Vitae. A student’s CV will be helpful to preceptors by allowing them to get a picture of the student’s previous experience and goals prior to the beginning the APPE. The CV should contain but not be limited to the following information: Name, Address, E-Mail, Educational Background, Work Experience, Advanced Practice Experience Schedule, Honors and Awards, Extracurricular Activities, Community Service, Presentations, and/ or Publications.

Contacting Your Regional Coordinator

Regional Coordinators are available to students and preceptors to support the rotation experience and address rotation concerns (e.g., not hearing from preceptor/student prior to rotation, grade concerns, etc.). Their contact information can be found in PharmAcademic. To determine the regional coordinator for a given rotation, simply navigate to the rotation on your PharmAcademic schedule.

Student Orientation Expectations

The following topics should be covered during the student’s orientation to the site:

  • Meet student and discuss student’s previous experience
  • Review APPE syllabus with a focus of learning objectives, required assignments and evaluation criteria
  • Develop a plan to meet APPE objectives in given time span
  • Inform the student of dress and grooming expectations
  • Inform the student of employee parking area
  • Tour site and introduce student to team / employees
  • Orient the student to location of pertinent equipment and supplies
  • Explain how the telephone system, computers and information system is used

Following each rotation, the student is responsible for completing the Preceptor evaluation online in PharmAcademic.

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