Student Resources

Resources During Rotations

Urgent services are available 24/7 to students who need immediate attention. Visit for more information

Staying Connected

CORE and the Canvas websites will have most, if not all, of the information you need while on rotations. Students are required to check UF email at least once daily to stay up- to-date and informed of any changes. Please make sure your email inbox does not get too full to receive emails while on rotations. Being out of touch, even on your APPE rotation off, can create difficult situations for your upcoming rotations and APPE requirements which could result in academic penalties and delay graduation.


Canvas Log-in

  • Policies, procedures, and forms
  • Schedule change petition form
  • Grade appeal form
  • Orientation materials
  • Rotation dates


CORE website

  • Schedule
  • Determine who the Regional Coordinator is for the assigned site
  • Find preceptor contact information


Complio website

  • Help students track, access, and maintain their compliance records through their academic program
  • Order background checks and drug screenings

Office of Experiential Programs Website

Office of Experiential Programs website

  • Regional Coordinator, Faculty, and Staff contact information
  • Academic Honors Information

**If you discover an error in the information provided on any of our websites or email messages, please let us know as soon as possible to correct the information.