Tanner Smith

Student Spotlight

This student is featured for exemplary work during experiential education.

Tanner Smith

The preceptor had this to say about Tanner:

HIPPE Rotation at South Lake Hospital

“Stellar listening skills and tacit deference which fostered learning at every moment of the rotation.”

What was your favorite part of this rotation?

“My favorite part about my HIPPE rotation was being able to put my clinical knowledge to use. I was able to act as a pharmacist under the supervision of my preceptor. I was able to navigate the Epic EHR system and complete tasks such as verifying orders, reviewing patient labs, and performing many other functions that a pharmacist would do in a normal (or in some cases abnormal) day. I also enjoyed being able to broaden my professional network and build connections that could prove to be valuable in the future!”

What advice do you have for pharmacy students preparing for rotations?

“My advice for pharmacy students entering rotations would be to not be afraid to ask questions. You are there to expand your knowledge and your preceptors and the other pharmacists you encounter are more than willing to help you! I believe it is also a good idea to keep in touch with your preceptors. As I mentioned before, these connections could lead you to your dream job.”

What are your plans after graduation?

“My plan after graduation is to become a Pediatric Pharmacist. There are a couple routes I could take that each have their pros and cons, but I am excited to see where life takes me in the coming years!”

What is a fun fact about you?

“I am currently hosting a fundraiser where I am running 1,000 miles in 2021 to raise $1,000 for the National Pediatric Cancer Foundation! I have been running for a majority of my life so I decided at the end of 2020 that I would try to use my talent to make a difference in 2021!”