Won Lee

Student Spotlight

This student is featured for exemplary work during experiential education.

Won Lee

The preceptor had this to say about Won:

CIPPE Rotation at Florida Specialty Pharmacy

“Won’s resilient and adaptable nature, along with an eagerness to learn and assist, quickly made him an integral part of our team.  He made a significant impact in his short time here, and he is sorely missed!”

What was your favorite part of this rotation?

“My favorite part about my CIPPE rotation was learning about oral chemotherapy drugs and its side effects to assist with patient counseling as well as answering provider questions regarding drug-drug interaction, and drug excursion details, under the supervision of a pharmacist.”

What advice do you have for pharmacy students preparing for rotations?

“My advice for students preparing for rotation is to take advantage of this opportunity to learn and do NOT be afraid to try something new.”

What are your plans after graduation?

“My plan after graduation is to pursue PGY1&2 to become an oncology pharmacist.”

What is a fun fact about you?

“I was born on a leap year day.”