Student and Preceptor Awards

Student Awards

There are four awards to be presented to students at the end of the year and based on APPE rotations 1-5. Each award has its own distinctive criteria, please click a specific award name below to nominate a student.


Best Practices of Professionalism Award

  • Eligibility: All Pharm.D. students enrolled in the UF College of Pharmacy are eligible for a Best Practices of Professionalism award.
  • Award: Certificate and letter from the dean of the College of Pharmacy

*Nominations for the 3 awards below must be received no later than the first week in January. 

Facts & Comparison Excellence in Clinical Communication Award

  • Eligibility: Doctor of Pharmacy graduating senior with superior verbal and written clinical communication skills; Must be in the top 25% of his/her class.
  • Award: Wolters Kluwer Certificate, subscription

Ronald B. Stewart Award for Excellence in Clinical Pharmacy

  • Eligibility: Superior achievement in clinical pharmacy, outstanding academic performance, and professional conduct and attitude.
  • Award: Engraved clock

Mylan Pharmaceutical Award

  • Eligibility: Superior proficiency in the provision of drug information services; demonstrates high professional motivation and the intent to enter practice upon graduation; Must be in the top 25% of his/her class.
  • Award: Certificate, custom-framed lithograph entitled “Pharmacy: A Tradition of Healing,” and $250 grant

Preceptors of the Year

UF College of Pharmacy awards eight different Preceptor of the Year Awards at the end of each rotation year (see award categories below).

Students may nominate preceptors by completing a Qualtrics Survey and  describing the outstanding attributes and characteristics of the preceptor. Full-time faculty in the College of Pharmacy are not eligible for this award.


New Preceptor of the Year (Inpatient & Outpatient)

  • Current APPE preceptor who has served as a preceptor for 1-5 years

Preceptor of the Year (Inpatient & Outpatient)

  • Current APPE preceptor who has served as a preceptor for 6-10 years

Distinguished Preceptor of the Year (Inpatient & Outpatient)

  • Current APPE preceptor who has served as a preceptor for more than 10 years

CIPPE and HIPPE Preceptor of the Year Award

  • Current preceptor who has served as a CIPPE or HIPPE preceptor during the current year


Preceptor Professionalism

The nominee(s) should set the following examples:

  • Lead by example in all interactions with healthcare team
  • Provide a safe environment to foster open communication and guidance to the student
  • Deliver constructive feedback and still maintain student trust without impacting student self- confidence
  • Accommodate student interests and abilities and adjusts rotation as needed

Experiential Education

The nominee(s) should participate in faculty development programs and activities that foster his or her ability to teach student pharmacists. This may include:

  • Presentation(s) on an education topic
  • Serving as  a  mentor/supervisor  for  student  pharmacists,  other  health  care  students, practitioners, and/or research projects
  • Developing and/or delivering educational programs for other preceptors
  • Participation in other areas of teaching at a school/college of pharmacy or other health care program.

Pharmacy Practice

The nominee(s) should participate in continued professional development to sustain and improve his or her individual practice competency and to advance the competencies of his or her practice site. This may include:

  • Appointment to policy or other committees at the preceptor’s practice site
  • Having privileges related to the preceptor’s practice site
  • Involvement in collaborative practice with other health practitioners
  • Attainment of professional/practice credentials
  • Being a preceptor for pharmacy residents and other health professions

Community Service (Citizenship)

The nominee(s) should contribute to his or her professional and/or general community. This may include:

  • Active involvement in local, state and/or national pharmacy organizations
  • Demonstration of pharmacy innovation (e.g., creating new or revised practice models)
  • Being an advisor for student pharmacists
  • Active involvement in non-profit or other health-related organizations
  • Participation in public awareness education campaigns.

To nominate a Preceptor for 2020-2021, click here.

To see a list of past award winners, please visit the Preceptors of the Year page.