Welcome to the Office of Experiential Programs

The mission of the Office of Experiential Programs is to provide high quality, autonomous learning experiences resulting in practice-ready and entrustable pharmacists.

To achieve this mission, our goals include:

  • Assuring our graduates gain skills in providing patient-centered care, utilizing the most advanced and contemporary practices.
  • Providing opportunities for student pharmacists to provide care to diverse populations while working as a part of interprofessional teams in various practice settings.
  • Building strong relationships with our broad community of experiential education sites and preceptors, through mutual collaborations, ongoing support, training, and development.

The office is charged with the coordination of the experiential education program for the Doctor of Pharmacy degree. This includes administering 52 credit hours of Introductory Pharmacy Practice Experiences (IPPEs) and Advanced Pharmacy Practice Experiences (APPEs). These courses span the PharmD Curriculum, providing increasing levels of experience opportunities as students progress through the program towards graduation.

The Office of Experiential Programs has two full-time faculty, four full-time staff, eight part-time regional coordinators of APPEs, and multiple faculty on all three campuses who participate as co-coordinators of both the IPPE and APPE courses. More importantly however are our volunteer clinical faculty preceptors who provide the overwhelming majority of the opportunities for our students’ practice experiences.

The Office of Experiential Programs website has information essential to clinical faculty already precepting students on IPPEs and APPEs or those pharmacists who are interested in becoming preceptors. It also contains information for students participating in these experiences as well. We hope that it will be a  beneficial resource for you as clinical faculty preceptor or student so that you will always know where to find the information you need.

Whether you are a student, current clinical faculty preceptor, or would like to become a preceptor, we hope that these pages will be of value. Please contact us if you have any questions about the information you find here.