Stacey D. Curtis

University of Florida College of Pharmacy

Stacey D. Curtis, PharmD

Stacy Curtis

The student had this to say about Dr. Curtis:

“Dr. Curtis is the most encouraging person I have ever met. She consistently brought positive energy every day while I was on rotation with her. She identified ways in which I could grow, and recognized strengths in me that made me grow in my confidence. She went out of her way to provide me with unique experiences to help me achieve my goals. She is the embodiment of what a preceptor and mentor should be.”

Brief bio or Site description

Ranked by U.S. News & World Report as the No. 1 pharmacy college in Florida and in the Top 5 nationally, the University of Florida College of Pharmacy has been developing future leaders in pharmacy practice and science for nearly a century.

What is your or your sites philosophy on educating students and/or providing pharmacy services?
Our approach to training the next generation of pharmacists focuses on interprofessional, team-based learning with an emphasis on delivering patient-centered care. We strive to stimulate a culture that promotes diversity and inclusion within an exceptional community of students, faculty, and staff. The academic rotation functions within the college as students are integrated into teaching all three years of the skills lab curriculum. Rotation students have the opportunity to participate in committee meetings, learn to write learning objectives, quiz/test questions, and grade according to the standards set forth by faculty. Our goal is to foster a culture that supports lifelong learning.

What is a fun fact about you or the site?
Students often comment that our academic rotation gives students a bird’s eye view of what happens behind the scenes at the College of Pharmacy.